Todd E. Creason
Author of the Famous American Freemasons series

New "Twin Rivers" Novel

Todd E. Creason
 is the award winning author of several books including the Famous American Freemasons series.

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Shot to Hell

As chaos descends on the small town of Twin Rivers, Levi Garvey finds himself in the center of a baffling murder in Todd E. Creason's third novel in the Twin Rivers series. 

The gruesome assassination of an aging porn star just hours after Officer Ben Walker is shot on a routine call leaves Twin Rivers Chief of Police Ray Billings puzzled.  He goes to his old friend Levi Garvey for help, and together they are put to the ultimate test as they attempt to untangle the dark secrets behind the series of events unfolding in the small town of Twin Rivers.

As they race to track down the assassin, they find themselves on a collision course with one of the most dangerous men in America--the legendary head of the Chicago Outfit, Tony O'Malley, along with his ruthless henchmen known as The Four Horsemen.


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